Your very own DomeVizion

Elevate your next event to Cosmic Proportions offers visionary & inspirational custom built geodesic domes manufactured by the best name in the business (Dome Guys International (DGI)) to your event or gathering.

Whether you are looking to host a music festival stage, trade show, concert, wedding, seminar, or a VIP lounge the DomeVizion dome makes a statement that you want the best. Geodesic domes combine stunning aesthetics with incredible versatility to ensure that your events fill attendees with warmth, comfort, and inspiration.


Eco Friendly & Alluring Dome

The DomeVizion DGI dome is an environmentally conscious and efficient way to transform any mundane space into a sublime and customizable oasis. Our dome minimizes your ecological footprint and maximizes your event or party.


Benefits of Our Dome:

  • Versatility: Our dome can be customized for virtually any event from weddings to full production concerts with light shows and visual effects.
  • Mobility: Our dome can be transported anywhere with minimal equipment costs compared to other structure types.